About Us

Midlands based mod outfit The Quik Beats have developed a Hammond-driven sound that’s ideal for a whole range of beat, soul, rhythm & blues, cool jazz and even rock.

Whilst ‘mod’ may be a shorthand description for their sound, the band draws its inspiration from a wide range of sources from early American rhythm and blues, through a mainstay of mid sixties ‘British Invasion’ and ‘beat’ music right through to psychedelic material from the summer of love and beyond.

At a Quik beats gig you can expect to hear an eclectic mix of familiar favourites from artists like The Small Faces and The Spencer Davis Group and The Kinks, rare soul from Nolan Porter and Julian Covey and tracks that’ll remind you why you’ve always loved music so much.

A Quik Look at the Line-up

Stand Glasses LowStan

A top front man whose versatile vocal talent allows him to take on songs made famous by legendary singers like Eric Burden, Steve Winwood and Steve Marriot.


When a former band needed a bass player, Arty left 25 years of playing keys behind in favour of the four-string. Whilst he loves the look and sound of his Ric, Arty is just as likely to be found toting his hot-rod red Fender Jaguar

NickQuik Nick

Nick developed an outstanding reputation as the Midlands’ king of the Hammond sound wowing audiences with his flamboyant drawbar stylings in a variety of bands over the years. A standard bearer for the ‘old school’ combination of tone wheel and Leslie, and applauded for his dedication to authenticity, the Hammond just can’t be replaced.

00DinoDouble-O Dino

Double-O Dino has played with the best of them and joins us fresh from countless years of studio work and touring with some superb local and national acts including Edwin Starr Band, Matrix Club Matrix and the UK’s No. 1 tribute to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Now back playing the music he loves Dino has wowed The Quik’s audiences with his rock steady grooves and uncanny resemblance to Keith Moon. Double-O Dino … licensed to fill!

SamSammy C

Following a fabulous period as guest guitarist with The Quik we are pleased to announce that we persuaded Sam to put his usual pastime as a top exponent of slap and funk bass on hold for the foreseeable future. Now audiences can look forward to hearing more of the sweet tone Sam gets from his Telecaster when replicating those iconic solos from the likes of Page and Davies.